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PL804 Stainless Steel Bowl-Shaped Bucket Scoop

PL804 Stainless Steel Bowl-Shaped Bucket Scoop

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Steel bucket scoop is great for transferring mortar, plaster, stucco, and other materials. The stainless steel scoop protects against the myriad of materials the scoop maybe used in expanding its uses and its life. The scoop is bowl shaped and tapers from 7 in. at the top to 3-1/2 in. at the bottom so material doesn't get stuck in corners. At the base of the handle is a bucket hanger to keep this scoop close at hand for materials. The smooth wood handle is comfortable to grip. The contoured handle fits the hand in a position to comfortably turn the wrist to pour materials out of the scoop and into a container or work surface. This is a great scoop for construction and agricultural uses.

  • Great for loading trowels and transferring mortar, plaster or stucco material
  • Bucket hanger keeps it handy on the jobsite
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