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CC269 12" Hand Concrete Finish Brush

CC269 12" Hand Concrete Finish Brush

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Brush down new concrete after floating with this small brush. The small 12" size is popular for curbs and small spaces where a finish with some traction is desired. Also, a great tool for touch-ups! The 3" natural horsehair and poly blend bristles are solid set for wear and durability. The natural horsehair creates a soft finish while the poly helps it keep its shape. The 12" wood base has a 4" angled handle built into the brush to make small sweeping motions easy for the finisher. Use the handle as a hang hole for easy storage.

  • Perfect for finishing curbs
  • Horsehair poly blend bristles
  • Horsehair for a soft finish
  • Poly mix to hold its shape
  • 3 In. long trim
  • Great for small areas and touch-ups
  • Built-in handle
  • Angled handle for easy sweeping motions
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