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BL283 3/4" Replacement Blade for Hubbard Jointer (BL280)

BL283 3/4" Replacement Blade for Hubbard Jointer (BL280)

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This replacement blade fits easily, yet securely to the Hubbard Jointer. The Hubbard Jointer's distinctive design allows for one tool to create many different sizes of concave joints. This 3/4" blade connects to the cast aluminum handle (BL280), sold separately. Wear on the blade is distributed during use by simply revolving the tubular steel blade around the handle. Polished steel blade makes smooth grooves every time. This unique tool was designed by a longtime bricklayer. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Tubular steel blade
  • Polished steel creates smooth joints every time
  • Creates a concave masonry joint
  • Creates a 3/4 In. joint
  • Rotate the blade for even wear to prolong the life of the blade
  • Fits securely on Hubbard Jointer (BL280), sold separately
  • Made in the USA
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